Part III
Track Title
25 The search for the golden forest
26 The dark forest
27 Ganondorf's betrayal
28 Death mountain summit
29 1st floor Ganondorf's tower and labyrinth
30 6th Floor boss chamber Iron Knuckle
31 7th Floor the Triforce calls
32 8th floor Agahnims respite
33 Boss fight Agahnim
34 Ganon/Ganondorf Dragmire
35 The duel with Ganon
36 The Triforce is whole again
37 The Triforce wish
38 Link frees princess Zelda
39 The journey home
40 The awakening of peace in Hyrule
41 Princess Zelda's remembrance
42 The sunsets on the continent of Hyrule
43 The master sword is returned

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