In a time where the hearts of many have grown to believe a true freedom of peace is theirs. In reality it lays to ruins in the hands and desires of one.

01-Title screen-

This is the opening the words the Story Of Hyrule, fades into the picture.
This music is part of the intro from the Legend of Zelda Theme.

02-Prologue Ganondorf's labyrinth-



After travelling across the entire continent of Hyrule. Over mountains, braving though forests, rivers, lakes, and dungeons. Link has finally found the entrance to Ganondorf's towering labyrinth. Link has fought his way to the inner chambers of the tower. Knowing this will be the final confrontation, Link must face his greatest fears and doubts within himself, If he is to overcome the king of thieves in the battle to save Hyrule.


Link falls and lands facing Ganondorf, Ganondorf turns around and speaks.

Ganondorf -
I do not know how someone so young bested the guardians of my labyrinths.
And  also managed to defeat the wizard Agahnim But I still possess the Triforce and will never give it up to you.

 No one may possess the Triforce, it belongs to it self, as surly as a soul belongs to it's body.

 Ah! but in my hands the Triforce will grant me any desires I wish.
And my desire is to see the destruction of every land, in every kingdom,
 within this earth to burn. So I may then begin to construct
from the ashes a new world as I see fit.

 The world survives by balance when the balance is tipped in favour of one half resolvment must be attained.     
                    Ganondorf I cannot let you continue I cannot let this happen.

Ganondorf -
 Ha! you are to resolve me boy!.
 You say these words but can you back them up.
Prey then that the sword you wield protects you. And prepare yourself for those are the last words you will utter.

-Scene over-


03-Agahnims plot-

On an ill fated night the clouds all over the Hyrule kingdom rumble in fear. Agahnims true identity is still not known. Formally he came from an unknown kingdom ,saving Hyrule in a time where terrible disasters plagued the destruction of the Hyrule kingdom. Agahnim appeared and cleansed these disasters of the land. The king was in debt and as a reward anointed the wizard royal advisor, 2nd in authority only to the king. Though this night reveals that Agahnim is not who everyone sought him to be. Within the castle walls he was laying in wait for the correct moment to appear.

That moment has come and Agahnims true intent is shown as the wizards strength has grown powerful.
Agahnim easily overthrows the king, the royal guards and the kings wizards and sages.After seizing the castle Agahnim then imprisons the royal sages in to a shard like crystal.
These sages held the key to the seal in the tower at Death mountain.
"All but one remain now, to princess Zelda's quarters" Agahnims says to the master Knight Iron knuckle.
They force the doors to the chamber where princess Zelda sleeps open, very quickly she is over powered, where he imprisons her in a shard like crystal. And with a small jester of his hands the sages and Zelda disappear. Agahnims plot has been realized and the citizens in the kingdom of Hyrule have no idea what has just taken place.


04-Hyrule castle-

Link is a swords man part of a small group that forms a resistance when disasters appear.
The information of late that the resistance has acquired, all points towards Hyrule castle. The resistance believe that on this day, a wizard by the name of Agahnim who is the royal advisor to the king, is not who he claims to be. And this wizard is about to commit something terrible against the kingdom of Hyrule. Link waits till the night and decides alone to check out Hyrule castle as the information suggested.

As link enters the inner walls of the castle, he notices that there are no guards present anywhere were they ought to be. Link finds this suspicious and carries on further into the inner chambers. No sooner than a mere foot is walked, he is attacked by guards and they charge mindlessly towards link. They seem intent on killing intruders, they attack without thought and link must fight or be killed.


After a long battle with the guards, Link comes to a door at the end of one of the corridors within the castle.
Link opens the door and walks in to an empty room with a door on the other side that has a lock placed on the key hole." I must make my way to the kings throne room the answers I seek must lay their " Link says to himself. As he walks near towards the centre, a chest appears. Stunned by this Link is curious to find out what is in the chest and opens the chest to find a small key. Link walks to the other door with the lock and uses the key on the lock somehow it fits and the lock falls towards the floor. The door opens to reveal steps leading upwards, Link goes up the stairs.



05-Upper chambers-

The door closes behind Link, the upper chambers of the castle reveal more guards. Link decides to try and evade the guards by using the shadows. Slowly Link moves towards the eastern wall using the shadows as a cloak. It appears Link has evaded them, only one more guard blocks the way forward. As link waits for the right moment to move, the guard link is waiting for hears a low noise. The guard looks in the direction Link is heading, the guard notices a figure in the shadows "intruder" the guard shouts and sounds the alarm. Now all the guards are aware and focus on to Link's position. As they swipe away mindlessly Link is able to dodge there attacks easily. Link spots a double sided door and makes a run for that door.

06-Boss fight Armos Knights-

The door closes behind Link with a loud crashing sound, dust is thrown up, though quickly settles. Link is in the throne room and at the back of the room, Link can see 6 statues. Each statue represents one of the royal knights that faced off against Ganondorf in the crusade led by the king, in the time of the blood of wars. The knight statues have an eerie presents when looked at. Link begins to hear a rumble getting louder and louder. The statues begin to shake violently, then they begin to move towards Link. Link must fight these statues if he is to survive.




07-Boss Win-

After an arduous battle link manages to get the upper hand on these statues and defeats them.
Link has gained more experience points. No sooner then link sheaths the sword away, the room begins to bend and warp, the room has been trapped by Agahnim. Link was expected and falls to the floor in a struggle and in a few seconds link is subdued and is knocked unconscious.

08-West hyrule the dark lands-



Link awakes in a small ruined marshy like area, in the west of Hyrule. Link slowly gets up still feeling a little dazed. Link wonders how long he has been unconscious for. Soon Link decides to head in an easterly direction.
Sometime later, Link reaches a T-junction and decides to head north.
Eventually link comes to a crossroad and a sign post on the edge of the path reads :

West  -  Dark Forest
North - Dark forest shrine
South -  South Dark land plains
East    -   East Dark land plains

Link feels the best cause of action in his state would be to find a town and regain his strength, to be able to continue in the search of Agahnim. After travelling north towards the town, Link reaches the gates of Kasuto town. Though it appears to lay in ruins, it has been abandoned for quite sometime. With the town being destroyed, Link decides to head back to the crossroads, taking the direction to the east, this time towards the Boarder caves.

09- The Great fairy cave-

Link reaches an entrance to a cave, inside a small stream is passing through the entrance chamber.
Link travels further into the cave complex, there is a sense of wonder inside these cave chambers.
In one of the chambers there is an opening at the top of the chamber allowing for beautiful lit walls, reflected by the ora of the light hitting the water. Link Decides to head deeper into the cave complex. Further into the cave system Link notices these glowing round like orbs made of light. A few of the lights float past him, Link is stunned by these lights. One of the lights floating within the group breaks away from the others. Link is curious and decides to follow this orb made of light. Down and around through many passages and chambers. Eventually the light stops and floats around a few rocks. Link goes to inspect the rocks and notices a large crack in the wall. Link is well equipped to handle situations like these, all thanks to the Goron tribe in the mountain region, when Link visited not so long ago. They gave Link a special bag that no adventurer should be without. It is a bomb bag made from a material indigenous to mountain region where the Goron tribe lives. It makes anything heavy one carries appear very light. Link places a bomb near the crack of the wall, Link stands back and waits, a loud explosion echoes throughout the cave. Link sighs and is thankful that there was no cave in.
A large opening has been created, Link takes a look inside, It appears to be a long narrow shaft and at the bottom a source of light peering through an exit. Link decides to use some rope to climb down, halfway down, the rope can extend no more but link feels he can drop down the rest of the distance and does so.

10- New Kasuto town-


Link lands and walks out of the cave, it is the peak of the day, a bright blue sky sets the background. And only a few clouds over head can be seen. A bustling town can be seen from the hills Link is standing on. Just before the entrance to the town Link reads a sign post : Welcome to new Kasuto town. There are town folks aplenty and many shops selling various foods and items. This town is one of the largest towns in the Hyrule kingdom. Link carries on walking, looking for possible clues and maybe a place to rest. A young lady walks up to Link and introduces herself, hello my name is Malon please let me help you, come inside to my house. Link is tired and decides rest would be the right course of action. Taking up Malon's offer Link enters the house. Malon says to link I can restore you life force, Link feels his life force returning and soon feels strong again, Link thanks her. Malon mentions her grandfather is the wise man of this town and suggests to Link that he should talk with him.


11- New Kasuto town wise man and Kasuto forest meadow-

After links life force is revived, Malon takes link to a chamber below the house.
The room is filled with ancient books with information from every corner of every kingdom including the Hyrule kingdom.



Wise man-
 Hello Link, young adventurer, my name is Sahasrahia, I am the elder of this town.
  And I pray the gods have led you here, I also pray that you are the hero of hero's.
  In a time where hero's are far and few between. For I am a distant descendant from one of the royal sages, in the crusade in the blood of wars.
                    Where one of my great ancestors helped forge the master of blades.

  How did you know my name and what is this master of blades?

 I know many things dear boy, I will tell of this blade in due time.
                   For now I know you are searching for a wizard by the name of Agahnim.
                   I also know if you face him and you are not ready you will be defeated.

 Yes I am searching for Agahnim, though where is he
and how do I defeat such a man?

 Agahnim is no mere man, his origin is unknown, though at some point he joined the   dark wizard tribe in the desert region from the west.
                   he is a powerful adversary, any encounter with him unprepared would deal in terrible consequences on the challenger.
                   Though 3 days ago word had reached me that the king and the entire castle had been  seized by this wizard Agahnim.
                   And now the castle and capital is under the control of the west.

 I was there, the resistance I work with, heard of grave news that something terrible was to occur there. So I went to investigate,
                    there were new palace guards present. They mindlessly attacked me as if their minds had been wiped.
                    Eventually I reached the throne room to see if the king was in need. Though I was to  late and as it turns out it was all a trap set up by Agahnim.
                    later I awoke in the marsh ruins to the west, I then made my way somehow to here.
                    I must have been unconscious for 3 days then, as the news you received occurred 3 days ago. I realize his power now, though I cannot believe Agahnim succeeded, everyone has underestimated him including I.

 So it is true, even I could not foresee these events.
                      And what of princess Zelda was she okay?

 I could see no sign of her, though I do not believe she could of escaped. Agahnims  speed of attack was to well planned.

 Then Hyrule is in a greater threat then first realized. The destruction of Hyrule is now only a matter of time.

 What do you mean how does zelda fit into Agahnims plans?.

 Princess Zelda is a descendant of the royal bloodlines her mother was of noble lineage. Tracing back before the time of the blood of wars.
                    Her life force is somehow connected to the Triforce, Zelda is the key to this all. Along with the other sages, that Agahnim has imprisoned.
                    In truth, breaking the great seal would not be possible without her.

 I understand, Though what is this great seal?.

 In a time before the blood of wars a man appeared from the desert known as Ganondorf, he was driven by one goal. That goal was power and none could stand in his way, if one did they would be killed. People began to fear him, and soon Ganondorf gained the title, king of thieves. The search for power led him to know of a mythical artefact called the Triforce as describe in the earliest of the hylian scriptures.
                      It was said that this artefact when held housed the power to grant any wish that one desired.
                     Ganondorf searched endlessly for this wish granting object. It was never recorded or noted  that he found and claimed it. Though 1000 years later in the time of the blood of wars, it was recorded when the king went to death mountain to face this faceless enemy.
                     That a man at the top of the tower presented himself as Ganondorf.
                     It seems this name was mentioned 1000 years earlier, though was it the same man?.
                     At some point in this confrontation the king threw his sword in to his chest,
                     yet Ganondorf still lived. The only other solution was to create a seal to send him into the timeless void where none could return.
                    Though just before the seal closed the sages and wizards noticed in Ganondorf's hands,
                    where clutched within his hands was a golden triangle.
                    The sages and wizards did not know if that was the legendary Triforce, and if it was could Ganondorf return.

 So Agahnim plans to break this seal using the sages, though to completely destroy  and break this seal princess Zelda's life force is needed.

 Correct! It has come to my attention, on the latest of matters. That Agahnim has returned to death mountain.
                    With all the sages and princess zelda in his grasp, Agahnim's power has grown very strong indeed. Though Agahnim must wait for the alignment of the 3 moons to emerge before trying to break the seal. As Agahnim is part of the wizard tribe from the desert ,his power will be it's greatest at that point.

 So It is a necessity for agahnim to wait till then.
 Yes, and that will give you some precious time, to build up your strength.
                      It may also give him the ability to contact Ganondorf even through the seal of the timeless void.
                      If so, Agahnim will prove to be the greatest of threats the Hyrule kingdom has ever seen. And Agahnims plot if fulfilled will be the end of all life in every kingdom.

 Then I must go to Death Mountain and stop Agahnim from breaking this seal.

  I am afraid that is not possible, a barrier that stretches from death mountain to the outer reaches of the dark forest has been created.
                     No one now may enter that part of Hyrule. And even if you could somehow get through the barrier,
                     no normal weapon could inflict damage against Agahnim.

  Then what can I do, this is all hopeless.

 Not entirely, remember before when I mentioned the master of blades. It's true name is called the master sword, the blade of evil's bane.
It is made of the strongest and purest metals known to us. forged in the fires of a great volcano to the far east.
                    Made in the time when the blood of wars was waged.
                    The King ordered a weapon to be made, the weapon they chose to make was a sword.
                    When they finally completed the sword, it was presented to the king. Though there was a price to pay for someone to be able to wield it.
                    The price was one had to be strong and pure of heart. In the end no knight in the kingdom could wield it, so the king had to lay the sword to rest.
                    The resting place of this sword is known only to a few. I am one of those few people  that knows where the blade rests.
                    To the north of this town is kasuto meadow, beyond this meadow lays a forest which  is known as the lostwoods. Within these woods the sword you seek rests.
                    As to how to pass the barrier there is said to be a forest made of a golden light in the   far east of Hyrule,
                    I am sure it will reveal light on how to get through Agahnims barrier.
                    Though I am unsure where or even if it exists.
                    There is someone who may be able to help more on the forests location if it indeed exists. This someone can be found across the Hyrule plains north east from here.
                    Look for a ruined sanctuary that leads underground, I will mark it on your map,   there  you shall find the answers you now seek.

(After the conversation with Sahasrahia, Sahasrahia gives Link a flute like instrument.)

 When you reach the resting place of the master sword and after you claim it. Play  this melody that I will teach you

(Link learns the melody)

 The melody that you have learned to play on that flute, will bring you closer to your new destination.

-Scene over-

After Sahasrahia taught Link the melody on the flute like instrument, Link thanks Sahasrahia and Malon for all they have done. They all exit the house and Link now begins on his new quest to find the master sword. Just as Link is leaving the town Malon calls to Link" wait, stop "she says. My grandfather has asked me to help you on your quest. To Links surprise it is a horse, she is called Epona, she is from a noble race of horses, from a kingdom beyond the boundaries of Hyrule. She is unlike any horse in Hyrule, if you use that flute and play this melody that I will teach you. You can call on her to come to your aid. Link learns the melody and gets on to Epona and again thanks Malon for all she has done. Link departs north towards the Kasuto meadow.

As Link approaches Kasuto meadow, Link begins to hear a flute like melody being played. Finding this melody curious, Link dismounts off Epona and begins to search for the source of where this melody is coming from. The melody leads Link into a small stream running into the forest, it seems to be louder here. The sound of this flute seems to be directing Link where to go. Eventually Link finds an alcove some distance into the forest. Though by this time, the melody Link could hear before, begins to fade away. "Am I in the lost woods" Link wonders, in the alcove Link notices a trail not often used. This trail leads beyond the alcove further into the forest.
Link decides to follow this trail.



12-Lostwoods and master sword-

The trail Link has followed leads into a misty grotto, link follows the trail further.
Out of the grotto Link emerges in another area with towering trees, teaming with forest wild life. The trail stops at some stone stairs, the stairs lead upwards to a stone platform. On top of the platform is a pedestal engulfed with rays of light, piercing through the tree branches. Inside the pedestal a large sword is placed upright, indeed as Sahasrahia said, this must be the master of blades.

Link walks up the stairs towards the sword and with a mighty yelp, pulls the sword from out of the pedestal and claims the master sword, then holds the blade high above his head. To let the animals of the forest know he now carries the hope of light of every creature within this blade. Link then does as Sahasrahia instructed and plays the melody taught to him on the flute like instrument given to him by Sahasrahia. No sooner than the last note is played a mighty whirlwind begins to appear and sweeps Link inside it, taking Link to his new destination.