13-Links journey begins-


Link is transported within the whirlwind, east from the forest. Landing on the edge of the Hyrule plains. The thundering clouds rumble, echoing above within the heavens. Link can see in the distance towards the east, a group of mountains, Link continues onwards towards these mountains.

14-Overworld Hyrule great plains-


The Hyrule Kingdom is a vast land, it will take Link, sometime to pass these great plains laid before him. Link eventually reaches the group of mountains, at the foot of one of the mountain peaks. Link spots a large door, debris and broken pillars are scattered around the entrance. Treading carefully Link decides to enter the doorway, where there is a passageway heading downwards further into the mountain. Link cautiously decides to follow this ancient passageway further into the mountain.

15-Underworld secret caverns-

The underworld caves within Hyrule are dangerous places indeed. There have not been many that venture into them, for the fear of getting lost, or killed within it's unstable ground. It is also said that dangerous creatures dwell within the halls of those passageways; the creatures that reside there do not hesitate to kill the unprepared.

The caves themselves interlink often, to form long narrow corridors intertwining in a complex nature. Some even lead into sub chambers, large rooms that often connect too many other entrances and exits. Link notices the caves and passageways resemble structures, maybe even buildings. Could these caves have been a city even before the blood of wars, link wondered.

Link feels that the large scale of this place may leave him lost within these ruins. Carrying on, after many corridors and chambers, Link begins to grow doubts in one of the corridors, doubts of not knowing if he has been in this corridor or not. Link is sure he has already entered this passageway before, though Link is not entirely sure, it appears Link is now lost. In the moment of this great doubt, Link hears a high pitched air sound. Link decides to follow the sound to it's source, eventually Link enters a narrow uneven passageway. In the centre Link is surprised to see those floating orb like creatures that he encountered at the boarder caves not so long ago.

These orbs made of light are again floating in a group, link goes to investigate. Near the floating orbs is a small crack, which would have been unseen from Links previous position. Link places a bomb against the small crack. A loud explosion echoes throughout the passageways. The explosion has revealed another passageway, at the end of this narrow passage, stands a doorway. Link enters the door, which leads into a large chamber. Link can see many of these glowing like orbs, floating everywhere within the chamber.

On the floor of the chamber, Link notices pure, clear, shallow water that is surrounding a platform placed in the centre of the chamber, are steps from the doorway lead downwards and around, towards the platform in the centre of the chamber. Link follows the stairway towards the central platform.

16-Goddess calls in the secret caverns-


 As Link stands in the centre of the platform, within the water filled chamber. A calm, cool breeze passes through Link. Then silence, and before Links own eyes, a flash of light appears and an image can be seen far above Links head. It approaches closer to Link, an image of some kind of goddess is formed.

She then speaks," I am the Goddess that watches over this planet, though my power is great it cannot extend beyond the boundaries of this sanctuary. Link!, there is a terrible threat that beckons every land in every kingdom," the goddess says. She also mentions that in a time where shadow veils the light. A hero of hero's, will come to the aid of the helpless, this hero will carry a sword, and within that sword, the light of every creature is held.

Though before one can face the enemy, she mentions that this hero must believe and understand in the Triforce. The goddess explains that the Triforce is split into 3 fragments, that form a whole. And one that should face the holder of the Triforce, must have those 3 fragments of power held within. To be able to stand against the holder of the Triforce. The goddess explains, I can endow you with this power but it is up to you, in how you use this power. She says "now I shall entrust you with this power". and a golden light appears, and surrounds Link," May the forger of strength give power, may the keeper of knowledge give wisdom and may the juror of courage give everlasting courage to the hero of hero's.


After the light engulfed Link, it diminished, Link felt different somehow, though how different was still unknown to Link. On your greatest of journey's I shall also entrust you with this bow and silver arrows. It holds part of the essence, of the gods that created this earth. The silver arrows you now possess, will deal the final blow against this threat of shadows. Link now possesses the goddesses Bow and silver arrows.

Link asks the goddess how to find the golden forest told to him by Sahasrahia, The forest is said to lay in the far east of Hyrule. She explains that there is a book, created at the dawn of when this planet came into existence. And held within the pages of this book Is a key that will open, and show you where the forest you seek lays.



Link -
Where can I find this book you speak of?

Goddess -
 The last known origin, of the existence of this book resided to the southeast.
Inside a great golden palace surrounded by large towering mountains, inside the inner most chamber, the book lays there.
That is now the place, you must seek.

Link -
 Then I must go there, I must find this golden forest.

Goddess -
 Before you set fourth towards the palace where this book resides, the exit to this sanctuary, lays beyond this room.
Though before you reach the exit, you must pass through a chamber.
This chamber will test your greatest fears and doubts within yourself.

Link -
 Then I will face this test and try to overcome it.

-Scene over-

Link thanks the goddess for all she has done, the goddess then creates a stairway made of water, that leads around into another chamber. Link prepares himself, and heads into the new chamber.

17-The forger of strength-
18-The keeper of knowledge-
19-The juror of courage-

This is a representation, of the goddess giving Link, the essence and knowledge, of the Triforce of courage.

20-Underworld ruined chamber phantom Ganon boss fight.

As Link enters the next chamber, a figure is hiding in the shadows. The figure then steps out of the shadows and draws a blade. Link unsheathes the master sword, and prepares for a great battle. The power endowed by the goddess flows through Link. Though link begins to grow doubts in his own ability, and soon is over powered by this figure. The figure inflicts wound after wound on to Link. Eventually Link is so wounded that he cannot hold the master sword, and soon after, falls to an untimely death. The figure Laughs at Links pitiful attempt, the figure then disappears.

21-Link fails Game over screen-

Laying on the floor, another figure appears, she is known as the great fairy. She has great power, and the ability to revitalize Link back to full health. She has been keeping watch on Links progress. Ever since Link passed through the boarder caves. Link is brought back from the brink of death. In a dream the goddess appears in front of Link and speaks, "you are not yet ready to face the holder of the Triforce, you must head south towards the great golden palace. And if you can reach the golden palace, then, that is when you shall be ready". Link listens to the words of the goddess and awakens from his dream.





22-Link is revived-

Link awakes in the outskirts of a small town, known as Ruto town. Link gets up, and dusts himself and heads south towards some large mountains. At the foot of the mountains lays a doorway leading into the mountain. Link must somehow reach the great golden palace. Link enters the door before him, at the end of the passageway Link arrives at some steps leading downwards; Link descends into the underworld again.

23-Return to the underworld palace II-

A long opening is laid before Link, the underworld is a place that is guarded by strong enemies. There are many traps to stop anyone getting through, though if Link is to reach the great golden palace, Link must pass through here first.

After many rooms, halls and chambers, Link enters a very large cavern. Link notices an intense heat unlike the rest of the rooms and chambers he has already visited, Link then heads to the edge of the platform at the entrance of the room. And to link's surprise there is lava flowing across the width of the room. Also there is a low rumbling sound appearing very distant to Link. Though Link does not think any apparent danger, would come from such a distant sound. It appears to Link, that platforms are evenly placed almost like a cross, to allow access to every side of the cavern. Though to reach any side, Link must past through the middle first.

On the right hand side of the wall at the entrance an old plaque reads: Warning, Barba Domain. Link is so pushed for time, that going back and finding another way through, would not be the right course of action. In the end, Link does not take heed of the notice, and decides to attempt to cross the platforms. Every platform Link lands on, the distant rumbling first heard at the entrance gradually seems to get louder and louder. Eventually near the middle of the cavern the rumbling becomes unbearable, Link jumps one more time, and lands on another platform, at that point the rumbling stops.

No sooner does Link begin to feel relief, a monstrous beast emerges from the ashes of the lava lake. Link knows now that this must be Barba, Barba looks like a reptile like creature, with a long thick neck, and pointed thorns on it's back Link realizes this must be Barba's domain. Barba dives back into the lava, in doing so barba takes all the other platforms under the lava, Link is now trapped on this platform. Barba begins circling the platform Link is standing on," How can I defeat such a beast" Link wonders, Barba rise's and appears behind Link, trying to pull link into the Lava.

Link manages to dodge it's attack, Link unsheathes and swipes with the master sword, though in vain. Barba's hide is like solid steel, a sword strike even from the master sword is no match, against skin as hard as steel. Link must find another way, Barba takes in a deep breath and blows out a sphere made of molten metal. Links only defence is to use his shield, to fend of the attack. Luckily his shield could withstand Barba's attack. Barba dives back into the lava once more and again circles Link. Link must act quickly for this beast will not give in. As Barba is circling the platform, Link notices the ceiling houses many beams, running the entire length of the cavern. If Link could use his shield, and deflect one of those molten shots, that the attacking barba breathes, directing it towards one of those beams. Link wonders he still may have a chance of surviving. Link waits for the right moment to set this idea in motion.

Though Barba is still in the lava, it begins to change it's form of attack, and charges towards the platform instead trying to knock Link into the lava. Barba repeats this attack 3 more times, the beast stops on the 4th charge. Where this time Barba rise's out of the lava, with a loud roar, once more Barba aims a molten sphere of fire at Link. Link sees this is now the time to try and direct Barba's attack. As the attack reach's Link, Link block's the attack with the shield, thrusting his weight upwards, as the sphere of molten liquid of fire, hits the shield. Link successfully deflects the attack from Barba, the molten sphere hits the supports of one of the beams, that stretch above Link and Barba, near the ceiling. The molten liquid begins to melt away the supports of the beam, this then begins a cascading effect, effecting all the other supports that holds the beam in place.

Eventually all the supports give way, and the whole beam collapses into the lava. And on to Barba, taking Barba under the lava, though to Link it is not known if Barba is dead, Link does not wait or want to find out. As the beam that collapsed, has now given the chance for escape, Link climbs on to the beam and follows it to the opposite side of the cavern. Where there is a double sided door, the ordeal with Barba has ended, Link then uses the last of his strength to push the rusty double sided door open.

24-Great ruined golden temple-

As the door closes behind Link, Link emerges out of the mountains, on to an open grassy plain. A path leads to some steps and an entrance into a towering structure. Link heads towards this entrance and enters the structure. Inside the structure, a grand hall is present in front of Link, the walls and pillars are made of gold, though the colour has been dulled, over the ages.

This must be the great palace, where the book I seek resides. The palace it self, is huge, even as large as the capital city of Hyrule. Link travels deeper into the complex, searching the many rooms and chambers the palace holds. It becomes clear that the palace has been deserted for some time. The only sign of life seems to be some small creatures, that inhabit the various rooms and corridors within the palace walls. Link realizes the palace it self lays in ruins, and any chance of finding the book that he seeks, is very slim indeed.


Eventually Link is faced with some huge towering doors, though the doors themselves are not closed entirely. A gap just wide enough for someone to squeeze through is noticed by Link. Link decides to enter this huge chamber, finally Link has reached the innermost chamber. And to Links surprise it appears to be a huge library of some sort. Though Link is saddened by this site. As it appears, all the books within this room have been burnt, Links foreboding of this place has turned to grievance. The book I have been seeking, has been destroyed, and the hope of light for all life, has now diminished," what am I to do" Link questions himself. Noticing a small door at the end of the chamber Link decides to enter the door.

The door Link enters leads to an underground waterway, which leads across the mountain range towards an open grassy plain. Some what, east of the ruined palace, Link was just in. Link begins to walk across the plains and soon notices a horse, it approaches Link, it is Epona. Link sighs in relief," at least you are okay Epona, though I fear my journey has now reached a closure to soon .The light I once carried has grown dark within my soul, and lost I now am, for I do not know the location of the golden forest" Link says to himself and Epona. Link gets onto Epona and sets of across the Hyrule plains, into the now darkened sunset.