This is the Text on track 16 that the Goddess sung

Truth in the light of ones love
Courage, power, wisdom
The Triforce is a symbol
That represents light in darkness
Now Hyrule stands ruined again
Ganon seals the light in all.


Amy, for graceful vocals on track 16.
Wayne (Clef) Francis, who busts a super groove on the Sax on track 17.
Malcolm, who jammed the Trumpet on track 18.
Alex Maguire
Alex Vaughn
Ben & Aaron of Airhammer
Geith Grief Al Robei "The riff"
Goodnight who provided the much appreciated Zelda Fx samples
Jason "Iron" Carty
Jason De Vyea
Jacob "The Contra ninja Kaufman"
Khyam Allami "of the oud"
Michael Mckenna "drum war"
Paul "Precision" westwood
Paul at Gracelands
Paul and Robert at peter cooks
Ross "Mad Dog" Maguire
Sophie Holmes
Stewart at peter cooks
Snappleman community, the amazing and everyone who has helped me out in the past there.
Nintendo for creating those great games.

Some of the bands and composers that inspired the original music and guitar I held: Art of burning water, Dream theatre, Foe, Jake Kaufman, John Williams, King Crimson, Koenjih yakkkei, Michiru Yamane, Meshuggah, The f@*!ing Champs, Trevor Jones and many more.

Mastered by Chris at:


All words, themes, art and music relating to Zelda are 2007 copyright Nintendo.

All original words, art and music 2007 copyright. Richard Garcia.